Hydroseeding Solutions for Advanced Revegetation

Hydroseeding is a scientifically-advanced method of revegetation compared to other conventional approaches. Whilst it is interchangeably used with hydromulching, there are core differences between the two applications. 

Our technique involves spreading a mixture of water, seed, fertiliser and tracking dye on the topsoil. Hydroseeding does not offer soil erosion protection until vegetation establishes. With our progressive methods, it allows us to revegetate difficult-to-reach areas as well as steep embankments.

Hydroseeding Solutions for Advanced Revegetation
Hydroseeding Applications

Hydroseeding Applications

Hydroseeding is an ideal application for vast tracts of land where it would be impractical to implement the traditional process of sowing dry seed. Our tailored hydroseeding solution involves an extensive evaluation of the site’s conditions for best results. We employ some of the most knowledgeable specialists within the industry to ensure that we provide you with comprehensive advice.

Industrial Applications

Our goal is to restore derelict land, correctly assessing the history of land use, so we may tailor solutions that will result in the best possible outcome. Hydroseeding is the best option because it provides faster germination, maintains moisture thereby requiring less water, and provides a better outcome than other conventional methods.

Our hydroseeding technique can be a practical approach to regrow land, where a timeline and clear objectives are needed. 

Advantages of Hydroseeding

Aside from reduced wind and water erosion, hydroseeding offers numerous other benefits such as: 

  • A higher percentage of germination
  • Provides a thicker, uniformed lawn
  • Covers large and inaccessible areas
  • High plant survival
  • Creates a drought-tolerant area
  • Incorporates a tackier coagulant that will not wash out
  • Placement of tracking dye monitors the site after application
Hydroseeding Advantages

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Areas of Service

We provide hydroseeding solutions in different areas. We understand different regions in Australia have different climate and soil conditions which are crucial factors for a tailored revegetation approach.

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Tailored Solutions

We use innovative techniques to deliver effective and environmentally-friendly revegetation, dust suppression, wind and water erosion control solutions.

Prior to application, we collect samples for soil analysis. A proper understanding of the land’s data will ensure successful vegetative germination. With access to over 100 ameliorant, we can quickly improve the soil’s physical and microbiological environment.

Soil Testing
Soil Testing

The seed varieties added to our hydroseeding mix are as unique and varied as the sites themselves. Our team of experts meticulously elect seed mixture dependent upon the site’s condition, location, and intended use.

Plant Selection
Plant Selection

With our customised solutions, we create an ideal growing environment eliminating sparse patchy areas which are common in conventional methods. Our optimal solution is carefully selected to ensure a favourable growing environment.

Customized Solution
Customised Solution

To deliver the best results, our experienced personnel ensures the solution is mixed and applied uniformly and evenly.

Hydromulching Hydroseeding Application

After 4-8 weeks of application, we utilise drones to apply trace elements, fertiliser, and soil probiotics to the treated area. Our method creates the ideal microenvironment for germination as our solution enhances the process and stimulates the seeds to grow a deep-rooted system where moisture is at its highest.

Drone Spraying
Drone Spraying

We go far and beyond in service, as our dedication to accomplish the best results includes utilising drones fitted with imaging and scanning sensors to monitor the progress of the application.

Drone Monitoring
Drone Monitoring
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