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A service that aims to save the environment. One hydromulching project at a time.
Patrick Goldsmith

About Us

Meet Patrick Goldsmith

Hi. I’m Patrick Goldsmith.

I founded Hydromulching.com.au to provide innovative and scientifically sound solutions to soil erosion and large-scale land deterioration. I was long into conservation efforts when the thought came to me. I have access to the latest technology on hydroseeding, so why not establish a revegetation service across the country?

It has been a big dream of mine to live sustainably in a clean and green planet. Unfortunately, human activities have been continuously interrupting nature’s efforts to restore and heal itself. For years, I’ve worked with private agencies to help mitigate the damage caused by mining, deforestation, bushfires, flash floods, and even industrialisation. But, my efforts only helped a little. Admittedly, I cannot save the whole planet by myself.

Then, the realisation came to me. By working alongside other people who have the same passion as mine, I successfully grew quite a network of environmental scientists and like-minded innovators. So why not put them altogether into a team of revegetation specialists? Thus, this service was born.

Today, our concerted efforts have helped save thousands of hectares of damaged land. I, along with my team of environmental specialists, aim to help you live comfortably on a planet that thrives sustainably. And we’re starting with Australia

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Please note that we do not service residential properties.