Hydroseeding Canberra
We provide sustainable solution across the Canberra area.

Hydroseeding Services in Canberra

We provide sustainable solutions across Australia’s largest inland city – Canberra. Our hydroseeding solution can revegetate and cover any vast area promptly. We represent an excellent way to revegetate compared to other conventional methods.

Renewing Canberra for Future Generations

Chock-full of cultural treasures, Canberra is home to many notable institutions of the local government, museums, and national monuments. We provide services to revegetate areas that are difficult to reach, as well as moderate to steep slopes. It is important to note that hydroseeding is different from hydromulching. Utilising hydroseeding is best in larger areas with quality soil.
Renewing Canberra
Hydroseeding Canberra Applications
Hydroseeding Canberra Applications


The utilisation of hydroseeding caters to different demands of the following sectors:

For the Mining Sector

The mining sector in Australia has been a significant industry contributor to the Australian economy. With mining activity predominant in Australian states and territories, it becomes imperative to commence reclamation once mine operations have concluded.

With our soil analysis, we determine the existing characteristics of the site to tailor quality solutions and ensure long-lasting plant growth.

For the Local Government

Our local governments offer continuous efforts to restore and maintain sites that require rehabilitation. Our unrelenting mission to provide erosion control is what motivates us in aiding local governments in Canberra.

Through our accurate assessment of the soil’s health, we can evaluate damages to the environment properly. Our approach goes through careful evaluation and calculations resulting in many years of cooperative operations with the local government of Canberra.

For the State Government

While Canberra is a Capital Territory, that does not hinder us from fulfilling our mission to address the degradation of public lands. Our utmost priority is to provide proper soil testing procedures and craft a suitable method for each site, including the Australian Capital Territory.

It is our privilege to have the opportunity to work alongside the Australian Capital Territory in delivering solutions for a revitalised environment under their jurisdiction.

For the Defence Force

We feel honoured to have the opportunity to work with our Australian Defence Force (ADF) and provide solutions in their efforts to promote sustainable land management. We admire their efforts to commit to their restoration projects and the responsible use of their current estates.


Growing grass can be a tedious process; however, with the use of hydroseeding, you can achieve desirable results but remain amiable to the environment. As such, hydroseeding has increased in popularity as part of sustainable agriculture projects.

  • Efficient Application
    Hydroseeding can cover a vast area swiftly while its application can be through a scientifically-advanced method in revegetating sites.
  • Reduced Wind and Water Erosion
    Choosing hydroseeding with erosion-prone areas has been met with notable success. The speedy germination leads to quick results preventing further erosion from occurring.
  • A Higher Percentage of Germination
    Hydroseeding offers a higher percentage of seed germination, thus effecting in a higher rate of the grass seeds growth. The unique method of hydroseeding provides the seeds with a “jump-start” in the growth cycle, resulting in a speedy growth compared to conventional methods.
Hydroseeding Canberra Benefits
Hydroseeding Canberra Suitability


Our scientifically-advanced methods are designed to suit your needs precisely.
Below are the different types of landscapes we service in Canberra:

Factory Gardens

Regardless of the kind of terrain, our time and tested approach will assure you of success.

Steep Slopes

Hydroseeding is the perfect solution for different types of landscapes that are hard to reach or considered dangerous such as steep slopes or part of a verge.

Service Areas

Our quality service and solutions effectively perform in various climates and locations. No matter the site’s condition, we offer the assurance of regrowth in the following areas:

  • Belconnen
  • Canberra Central
  • Gungahlin
  • Jerrabomberra
  • Majura
  • Molonglo Valley
  • Tuggeranong
  • Weston Creek
  • Woden Valley
Hydroseeding Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

Our team provides rehabilitation that involves careful analysis of your site’s needs and condition. We select the optimum plant species by carefully selecting the best solution to facilitate growth and functional longevity.

With years of experience driven by our steadfast mission to deliver outstanding results in revegetation, dust suppression, and erosion control in all of Canberra, we are confident we are capable of performing the task at hand.

Want to work with us? Call us on 1300 676 189 today.