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Hydroseeding is different from hydromulching. Although they are used interchangeably for revegetation, they have various applications. Our services provide scientifically-advanced methods to revegetate large areas in Sydney. An essential attribute of revegetation is that it is integrated into a broader landscape to minimise fragmentation. Our team of experts meticulously handle corrupting influences such as erosion, nutrient inflow, salinity and weed infestations for successful results. We aim to restore a range of ecosystem functions, even where it may not be possible to restore the initial vegetation community. Our pursuit is to revitalise Sydney for future generations.
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Hydromulching and Hydroseeding
Hydroseeding Sydney Applications


Our services provide hydroseeding techniques for different demands, such as the following:

For the Mining Sector

Mining sectors are aware that several changes may occur in the physical, chemical and microbiological properties of soil. As such, it is crucial to commence mine reclamation and restore vast mining sites into livable communities.

By working with us, we assure you that we will address all environmental situations. Our hydroseeding solutions are unique to every site and tailored to get the best results.

For the Local Government

Our customised solution in hydroseeding allows us to aid local governments with their revegetation projects.

With our careful assessment of each local administration surroundings and their weather conditions, our specialists can create custom solutions for each site.

Our comprehensive analysis of the sites soil properties allows us an extensive understanding of the nutrients, habitats nearby, species, and what type of grass seedlings are needed.

Due to our detailed analysis, hydroseeding becomes successful with proven results, aiding local governments in reaching their goals and meet them promptly.

For the State Government

With our successful revegetation techniques, state governments value our services in helping large sites recover. With the use of tracking dyes, we meticulously monitor areas we have covered. This procedure prevents any plant overgrowth and bald patches across the site.

We provide clear goals that meet the objectives of the state government and timelines, creating an adequately rehabilitated area.

For the Defence Force

The military forces have reviewed their policy guidance to create the sustainable management of our ecosystem. They have created current efforts to promote sustainable land management.

It is our honour to work with the Australian Defence Force in this virtuous initiative. Rehabilitating military training grounds covers thousands of hectares of land. We deliver a commitment to responsible environmental management and sharing best practices to help restore military sites.


Hydroseeding is not limited to helping rehabilitate arid drylands. There are numerous advantages when it comes to hydroseeding. Below are the most common benefits.

Efficient Application

Compared to conventional methods, hydroseeding provides efficient application, ensuring complete coverage of the area. Instead of bald patches or uneven clumps of grass, we guarantee levelled implementation with amazing results.

Reduced Wind and Water Erosion

Wind erosion tends to reduce the capacity of the soil to store nutrients and water. Through hydroseeding, it helps the ground sustain the nutrients it needs creating successful revegetation.

Higher Percentage of Germination

In comparison with other conventional methods, hydroseeding provides a higher rate of germination. For that reason, the seedlings grow at a faster rate, which enables us to deliver successful revegetation.

Hydroseeding Sydney Benefits
Hydroseeding Sydney Suitability


Hydroseeding is the perfect solution for the following large-scale sites:

Factory Gardens

Hydroseeding is the ideal solution for barren lands, especially factory gardens. We utilise strategies customised to meet your needs and provide successful rehabilitation of the property.

Steep Slopes

When it comes to erosion control techniques, the best way for a successful planting process is hydroseeding. We assure you we can meet your needs regardless of the type of terrain.

Service Areas

We fully commit to providing hydroseeding services to all of Australia, particularly Sydney. Our mission to contributing a healthy and flourishing environment encourages us to assist not solely on Sydney but the following locations:

Find out more about our hydroseeding services. Talk with our friendly professionals from the City of Sydney and revegetation team.

Our revegetation team and friendly professionals will be happy to answer your questions on the hydroseeding services we provide.

Our revegetation team can assist you with our hydroseeding services in Camden council by contacting us through 1300 676 189.

As it is on the outskirts of the metropolitan area of Sydney, our services will provide a better environment for its influential sporting culture.

Sutherland Shire boasts of steep slopes, and our hydroseeding services can revitalise the area successfully.

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Why Choose Us?

Revegetating a large-scale job site depends on a well-built customised solution. We’re confident that we are the only hydroseeding service that provides customised solutions with proven success and detailed monitoring.

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