Hydroseeding Melbourne
We provide tailored solutions for Hydroseeding in Melbourne. We offer customised services for the quickest revegetation with proven outputs.

Hydroseeding Services in Melbourne

Our Hydroseeding specialists provide sustainable revegetation solutions across Melbourne. We tailor our revegetation procedures to meet the specific demands of your land.

Melbourne Hydroseeding Services
Revitalising Melbourne
Revitalising Melbourne

Revitalising Melbourne for Future Generations

We envision a greener Melbourne for the sake of future generations. Our mission is to provide Hydroseeding services that address the needs of the mining sector, the local and state government, and even the defence force.


Hydroseeding is a viable solution for rapidly revegetating vast tracts of land, regardless of the type of terrain.

  • For the Mining Sector
    Completed mining sites become threats to the environment when they are left in their dry and barren state. We aim at providing revegetation solutions and thereby, optimising dust suppression for these sites.
  • For the Local Government
    Soil erosion exposes our local communities to severe dangers, especially with the presence of deforested mountainsides.

    One of our goals is to provide Hydroseeding services to various localities across Melbourne, thereby minimising these potential threats to the neighbouring communities.
  • For the State Government
    The state government continues to be at the forefront of restoring the balance between technological progress and environmental conservation.

    We aid in our state’s initiatives, especially with the large-scale rehabilitation projects for Melbourne and beyond.
  • For the Defence Force
    The defence force has been initiating environmental conservation and rehabilitation projects in military training sites.

    We also help with these initiatives by strategising an efficient revegetation plan. We also offer our advanced hydroseeding equipment for their use. Thus, ensuring implementation is up to par with our high standards.


Our tailored Hydroseeding solutions can provide the following benefits.

  • Efficient application. Our hydroseeding services follow research-based procedures to ensure the proper use of seeds and fertilisers.
  • Reduced wind and water erosion. The erosion of soil by wind or water can be reduced significantly by employing our specialised revegetation methods.
  • A higher percentage of germination. We ensure that we waste no seed, fertiliser, or any other resource when conducting revegetation. Our team of experts adjust the hydroseeding solution according to the conditions of the land to produce a higher germination rate.
Hydroseeding Melbourne Benefits


Hydroseeding is most suitable for areas where the soil already has sufficient moisture and where further irrigation would no longer be a problem.

More specifically, it can be applied to factory gardens and steep slopes.

  • Factory Gardens. Hydroseeding helps with dust suppression in factory gardens. By replanting these gardens with appropriate plant species, we can help transform Melbourne’s factory gardens into greener communities.
  • Steep slopes. Our Hydroseeding procedure begins with a soil analysis that determines the suitability of our process with your land area, whether or not it is part of a steep slope. We grow plants that penetrate deep down into the soil, thereby creating a reliable root network that eventually mitigates soil erosion.

Service Areas

If you are in any of the following areas, feel free to tap into our Hydroseeding services.

  • Carlton
  • Carlton North
  • Docklands
  • East Melbourne
  • Flemington
  • Kensington
  • Melbourne CBD
  • North Melbourne
  • Port Melbourne
  • Parkville
  • Southbank
  • South Wharf
  • South Yarra
  • West Melbourne
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Why Choose Us?

Revegetation is not so much about casually spreading seeds and letting them grow as they may, as it is about analysing your land and optimising it to revitalise the environment as a whole.

We streamline our revegetation procedures to answer your specific needs and goals for your land.

Our team of Hydroseeding specialists are ready to evaluate the soil in your area and outline the steps to proceed with our customised replanting process.

In case you are in need of Hydroseeding services in Melbourne, we are just a call away.

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