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Our company specialises in providing strong and stable solutions to revegetation and soil erosion for various industries such as the mining sector, resources, civil, and infrastructure industries across Adelaide.

Rejuvenating Adelaide for A Lush Future

We are a company that is leading the way towards a sustainable environment in the Adelaide area. Our goal is to achieve such sustainability through the implementation of efficient remediation hydromulching and revegetation projects, dust suppression, and soil erosion control.

We aim to continuously provide high-quality products and services to the industries we serve and carry out measures that benefit the health, safety, and overall wellbeing of our valued employees. As such, we are committed to operating integrated protection, environmental, and quality management systems aligned with the standards set forth by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and AS/NZS 4801.


Hydromulching is an effective and viable option for vegetating vast expanses of land quickly and uniformly, whether it be flat, difficult to access, or significantly sloped.

We realise how significant it is for miners who uphold their social and environmental responsibilities to immediately launch into a rehabilitation project once their mine completes its operations.

Many such organisations from the mining sector have leveraged the resources we have at our disposal to achieve this goal successfully. 

Although we understand why some local miners may choose to initiate restoration projects all on their own, doing so may pose additional complications to the organisation. Lack of proper project focus or lack of advanced skills and techniques in the implementation are common factors that may lead to failed initiatives.

In some cases, miners may skip crucial steps during the assessment of the health of the soil that underwent rigorous mining activities. Some areas may still contain valuable resources – nutrients that would be stripped away needlessly because of inaccurate evaluations. 

For this reason, our company has devised a proven technique to prevent similar situations from occurring. Our team of experts are more than capable of identifying all environmental circumstances that are unique to each mining site. We utilise tailored methods based on the most recent soil restoration research.

Our company believes that it is crucial to begin preparations for a restoration project with an accurate evaluation of the target site’s soil condition.

Thus, we must obtain a comprehensive knowledge of the characteristics of the soil, the amount of rainfall it typically experiences, the history of its land use, and the existence of any microorganisms, habitats, and settlements in the area. Having complete information will enable us to approach the project correctly in planning out what best method to use for restoration.

Our research-based methods will assist in reducing the risks involved in widespread soil erosion. We have spent many years cooperating with the local government in mitigating the dangers that communities in mountainous and deforested regions face.

Soil erosion and landslides, especially in public lands, are both significant challenges that we, as a company, continuously aim to take part in overcoming – along with the local governing bodies in Adelaide.

The degradation of our public lands is a matter that our State government takes very seriously. They realise how dire the damages caused by both human activities and natural calamities have become. Our rivers and waterways are deteriorating while our foreshores are suffering from continuous erosion.

Add to this the fact that the Australian landscape frequently experiences heatwaves that cause the break out of low to intense bushfires. While bushfires with lower intensities may assist in the chemical conversion of dead plant tissues into soil nutrients, intense fires strip away the nutrients present in the soil.

Amidst all these natural disasters, it is essential to conduct proper soil testing procedures so that we can properly evaluate the health of the soil in the aftermath, and apply an ideal approach to restoration.

We are glad to be of service in providing a seamless method in accomplishing accurate soil analysis all the time. In so doing, we continually assist our local government in its revegetation efforts – all in the pursuit of fostering a revitalised environment for the local communities under its responsibility.

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is continually initiating efforts in promoting more sustainable land management across its estates. We feel honoured to be contributing to these initiatives – preserving significant military-owned estates and converting them into wildlife sanctuaries.

We realise how intensive military grounds can inevitably deforest thousands of acres of land. We are happy to offer our hydromulching services in aiding the Defence Department in restoring the military grounds across Adelaide, to promote a healthy environment rife with biodiversity.


We offer high-quality products and services that are safe and environmentally-friendly, suitable for application to any type of substrates, locations, and climates. Our proven and tested methods guarantee that your land will experience regrowth the first time around.

We believe that every site is unique, bearing its peculiarities, and we consider these when we map out the approach that will provide the best chance of success.

  • Hydraulic Growth Medium (HGM)
    The HGM or Hydraulic Growth Medium is an enhanced method involving microbiological amendments. This one-step process includes spraying the soil with a slurry mixture composed of water, seed, fertiliser, cellulosic mulch fibres like straw or wood fibres, tracking dye, and a specially-designed binder.

    The mulch added into the slurry serves as the superior Hydraulic Growth Medium that offers a protective cover and pool of moisture for the seeds. HGMs are capable mediums that are ideal for any substrate that requires revegetation.

    HGM optimises the health of the soil, promotes germination of the seeds, allows the release of the soil’s nutrients, and aids the infiltration of water into the deep recesses of the ground. All these factors result in the desired long-term and sustainable growth of vegetation.

    The binders added into the slurry effectively hold the mulch fibres intact, thus creating a solid crust that mitigates erosion in the interim while waiting for the germination of the seeds and the development of a healthy root system.

    The solid crust formed by HGMs suppresses dust while preventing wind erosion and water runoff from displacing seeds and eroding the topsoil.
  • Bonded Fibre Matrix (BFM)
    Similar to HGM, the Bonded Fibre Matrix approach utilises the same materials to create a medium. However, the BFM can be applied at a much higher rate, as there is a non-rewetting binder added into the mixture that creates a sturdy bond between the soil’s surface and the slurry.

    BFM is considered a heavy-duty hydromulching growth medium that employs a high-performance matrix, combining water and nutrient retention with improved growing environment methods.

    The two-step process of BFM involves first, spraying the soil with a mixture of seeds and fertilisers in a water solution, ensuring the seeds come into contact with the ground. Once done, we proceed with the next step. The second stage involves going over the seed with a mixture composed of a high-rated binder and organic mulch combined with water.

    Through this two-step process, any surface type becomes a suitable growth medium as BFM ensures superior bonding performance. The crust formed through the BFM approach moulds itself according to the contours of the surface of the soil, making it ideal for all types of terrain.

    BFM mitigates soil erosion, providing functional longevity on steep batters slopes, verges, and flat areas until vegetation can establish strong root reinforcement.


Hydromulching is a viable solution that offers the following benefits:


  • Reduced Wind and Water Erosion
    Utilising the HGM method provides a superior protective crust and moisture reservoir that, combined, mitigates soil erosion in both the interim and long-term periods. On the other hand, making use of the BFM approach ensures immediate and high-performance bonding of the soil and the slurry mixture, which minimises soil erosion and ensures the growth of vegetation at the same time.
  • Enriches Soil Profile
    Due to the organic ingredients and microbiological amendments used in the mixture, the soil becomes enriched with nutrients, optimising its conditions to better care for the seeds sprayed into it, resulting in instant germination and sustainable growth.
  • Quick Germination and Plant Growth
    Hydromulching is an excellent germinating option as it works even without manually watering the vast tract of land involved. It is guaranteed to work once the rain begins to pour down on the site.

    Additionally, HGM offers 1,000 times the retention of its weight in water, germination, therefore, becomes immediate due to the retained nourishment.
  • Stimulates Microbial Activity
    When the hydromulching solution is applied, it releases biostimulants that are present in the soil. These biostimulants promote microbial activity that increases the availability of nutrients found in the ground. They comprise of bacteria, hormones, soil microbes, and nourishment needed by new grass plants to fully develop into revegetated crops.


If you are looking to revegetate a vast and barren tract of land rapidly and evenly, hydromulching may be your best option. Our proven methods work effectively in all types of terrain, be it flatlands, steep slopes, or areas that are a part of verges.

As it is a versatile option, all types of terrain are suitable, including:

  • Factory Gardens
  • Roadside Rehabilitation
  • Steep Embankment
  • New Housing Estates

Service Areas

We are proud to be serving all areas across Adelaide, as we continue to promote environmental revitalisation. To be more specific, we provide our services to the following locations:

  • City of Adelaide
  • City of Burnside
  • City of Holdfast Bay
  • City of Campbelltown
  • City of Charles Sturt
  • City of Marion
  • City of Mitcham
  • City of Norwood Payneham St Peters
  • City of Onkaparinga
  • City of Playford
  • City of Port Adelaide Enfield
  • City of Prospect
  • City of Salisbury
  • City of Tea Tree Gully
  • City of Unley
  • City of West Torrens
  • Corporation of the Town of Walkerville
  • Town of Gawler

Why Choose Us?

We have a team of highly-skilled specialists as well as large-scale hydromulching equipment that are readily available for our utilisation. Both essential resources enable us to provide advanced hydromulching solutions that are practical and efficient. 

We feel privileged to be allowed to provide services to, not just our customers but our neighbouring communities as well – contributing to safe and thriving communities free of the dangers caused by landslides and soil erosion.

We have seen firsthand the devastation resulting from these natural disasters. So we are committed to taking advantage of the latest research-based revegetation techniques that ensure rapid soil rehabilitation all the time. Additionally, we guarantee that all peculiarities within the site are taken into consideration when mapping out the best possible approach to achieve the best possible outcome in rehabilitation.

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