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We specialise in providing effective and stable solutions towards revegetation, dust suppression, and control of soil erosion to various industries such as mining, resources, civil, and infrastructure – all across Sydney using potent Hydromulching approaches.

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We are leaders in providing solutions that revitalise the environment in the Sydney area. We believe we accomplish this through the implementation of efficient remediation hydromulching programs resulting in increased dust suppression, soil erosion control, and plant regrowth.

We continually strive to provide quality products and services to our clientele, as well as guarantee the health, safety, and wellbeing of our valued employees. For this reason, we have committed to continuously function using comprehensive safety protocols, as well as environmental and quality management systems in line with the standards set forth by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and AS/NZS 4801.


Hydromulching is an excellent option for restoring vast expanses of land rapidly and seamlessly, regardless of the type of terrain in question.


The products we offer are top-rated, safe, and environment-friendly. As these products can work effectively in a wide range of substrates, locations, and climates, you know your property will undergo regrowth the first time around.

We realise how unique each project and each land area is. It is for this reason that we employ a customised approach for every location, ensuring the best chance of success.

  • Hydraulic Growth Medium (HGM)

    The Hydraulic Growth Medium approach is an improved process that uses microbiological amendments. We spray the soil with a slurry mixture composed of water, seed, fertiliser, cellulosic mulch fibres like straw or wood fibres, tracking dye, and a specially-designed binder.

    The mulch added to the mixture serves as the Hydraulic Growth Medium that provides a protective cover as well as a pool of reserved moisture for the seeds. The environment it creates for the seeds promotes soil health which optimises germination, allows water to infiltrate and the release of nutrients. All these ensure plant growth sustainability for the long term.

    Furthermore, the binders in the slurry serve to maximise the cohesion of the mulch fibres. In turn, this creates a solid crust that protects the surface from erosion in the interim while waiting for the seed to germinate, and later grow.

    More than that, this cover also suppresses dust as well as prevents the wind and water runoff from blowing and carrying seeds away, inhibiting displacement and eroding the topsoil.
  • Bonded Fibre Matrix (BFM)

    BFM uses the same ingredients as HGM, with the addition of a non-rewetting binder that makes sure the bond between the soil’s surface and the slurry is of excellent strength. This fact contributes significantly to the much higher application rate of the Bonded Fibre Matrix.

    This approach is a robust hydromulching growth medium that uses a highly-efficient matrix, integrating water and nutrients within a suitable growing environment.

    During the initial stages, we spray a mixture of seed and fertiliser in a water solution over the ground’s surface. Once we ensure seed to soil contact, we then go over the seed with a slurry composed of top-quality binder and organic mulch blended with water.

    By applying the hydroseeding solution and following it up with the Bonded Fibre Matrix, the applied surface becomes the ideal terrain for regrowth, as the growth medium created out of this process ensures excellent binding performance.

    The BFM approach allows the slurry to shape itself according to the contours of the soil’s surface, creating an ideal form of terrain. The result is a significant reduction in soil erosion, ensuring the functional longevity on steep batters, slopes, verges, and flat areas while waiting for vegetation to establish root reinforcement.
Hydromulching Sydney Solution
Hydromulching Sydney Solution
Hydromulching Sydney Solution
Hydromulching Sydney Benefits


Hydromulching, regardless of the approach implemented, results in the following gains:

  • Reduced Wind and Water Erosion
    The protective cover and reservoir of moisture provided by hydromulching through HGM ensure the control of erosion in both the short and long-term periods. The same is true for BFM, as the process guarantees the instant and efficient binding of the soil with the slurry, which also minimises erosion, thereby allowing plant growth to occur.
  • Enriches Soil Profile
    The organic ingredients and microbiological soil amendments used in the slurry mixture provide precisely the kind of growth medium that is needed for revegetation. The soil’s health is revived to its optimal condition, resulting in germination and sustainable growth within a short period.
  • Quick Germination and Plant Growth
    Hydromulching allows germination to occur once the rain begins. There is no need to manually water such a vast expanse of land for the process to work. The nutrients found in the enriched soil feed the seeds sprayed into the ground, guaranteeing quick germination and plant growth.
  • Stimulates Microbial Activity
    The biostimulants existing within the slurry will promote microbial activity. This means the soil tilth will increase, and the availability of nutrients will increase as well. These biostimulants comprise of bacteria, hormones, soil microbes, and nutrients required for the germination and growth of new grass plants.


If you are looking to cultivate a vast tract of land that has been arid for some time, hydromulching could be the option you are seeking. We employ techniques explicitly tailored to your site, no matter the type of terrain. Whether it be flatlands, steep slopes, or part of a verge, this will not hinder the implementation of our proven and tested methods.

To be specific, here is a list of the types of terrain we service:

  • Factory Gardens
  • Roadside
  • Rehabilitation
  • Steep Embankment
  • New Housing Estates
Hydromulching Sydney Suitability

Service Areas

We are pleased to provide our services all over Sydney in our continued commitment to environmental revegetation. In particular, we do currently offer our services to these areas of Sydney:

  • City of Sydney
  • City of Penrith
  • Camden Council
  • City of Campbelltown
  • Sutherland Shire

Why Choose Us?

Our team of committed experts and the large-scale hydromulching equipment we have at our disposal can deliver the right solution to your property’s restoration. We continuously aim to aid public service efforts to rehabilitate our natural habitats and improve the living conditions of our communities, reducing the risks involved in widespread soil erosion and landslides.

We are proud to be utilising updated research-based rehabilitation approaches that result in rapid plant growth every single time. Each site is scrutinised for any unique characteristics when planning the rehabilitation approach to implement to achieve the best possible outcome.

It is because of these factors that we are confident that we can deliver demonstrated results in revegetation, soil erosion control, and dust suppression all over Sydney.

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