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We provide sustainable solutions across the city of Melbourne.

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We are leaders that specialise in providing efficient and robust solutions to revegetation and erosion control for various sectors, including the mining, resources, civil and infrastructure industries across Melbourne through our effective Hydromulching services.

Rejuvenating Melbourne for A Thriving Future

It is our mission to provide solutions that offer sustainable and rejuvenated environments in the Melbourne area. We believe we can accomplish such sustainability through the implementation of sound remediation programs in hydromulching and revegetation, dust suppression, and soil erosion control.

We aim to continually provide high-quality products and services to our customers and prioritise the health, safety, and welfare of our workforce. Because of this, we have committed to operating integrated protection, environment, and quality management systems in line with the standards set forth by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and AS/NZS 4801.


Hydromulching provides effective and viable solutions for revegetating vast tracts of land seamlessly in a short period, regardless of the type of terrain.

Experience has taught us that miners who value social and environmental responsibility will want to launch into reclaiming their completed mining site immediately.

We are glad to have been a part of noble programs, as many such organisations have taken full advantage of the resources we have at our disposal.

We do know of some mining companies who have walked the path of rehabilitation alone, for valid reasons. However, they have, unfortunately, failed due to several factors. Some have skipped essential steps in soil damage assessment, while others have executed poor implementation in the duration of the program.

We recommend working directly with a team of experts in such endeavours to avoid precisely these issues. Our team of committed specialists ensure that they wholly take into account any peculiarities that each mining site manifests. Thus, ensuring that our methods based on the latest soil rehabilitation research are suitably implemented.

A crucial element in any successful environmental rehabilitation program is the accurate evaluation of the target site’s condition – be it the soil’s health or the surrounding areas’ biodiversity and overall status.

For this reason, we ensure that we acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the site’s soil characteristics, the volume of rainfall, the history of land use, and the existence of any microorganisms, habitats, and settlements in the area. Complete information will enable us to determine the ideal method to utilise for the restoration of any site.

Through our research-based techniques, we can aid in minimising the risks involved in significant soil erosion. We have worked with various local governing bodies where we gained insights as to how dangerous mountainous and deforested regions are to local communities.

Soil erosion is a serious challenge to our local government, and we feel honoured to be allowed to contribute to overcoming such concerns, especially in the public lands across Melbourne.

Human activities and natural calamities have caused the severe degradation of our public lands. Rivers and waterways are gradually deteriorating; there is widespread degradation of the soil, and our foreshores are slowly getting eroded.

The Australian landscape also experiences severe heatwaves that cause several bushfires to break out during the year. Although lower intensity bushfires will tend to contribute to the conversion of dead plant tissues into nutrients for the ground, fires with higher intensities will typically reduce the soil’s nourishment.

Amidst all these natural calamities, it becomes necessary to ensure proper soil testing so that we can assess the ideal approach to restoration.

We are happy to offer our services in providing effective processes in hydromulching and revegetation, working together with our state government in fostering an improved environmental condition of the areas under their responsibility.

The Australian Defence Force or the ADF, is making headway in launching efforts to build more sustainable land management. We feel privileged to be a part of their noble initiatives because we share the same passion for promoting the responsible use of Defence estates and converting significant areas of military-owned properties into wildlife sanctuaries.

We are aware that, due to intensive training, vast acres of military grounds inevitably become deforested. We are glad to provide our services in aiding ADF efforts in the rehabilitation of such properties across Melbourne so that we can contribute to the repopulation of the biodiversity within it.


The hydromulching process provides enumerable benefits to the environment, the most notable of which are the following:

  • Reduced Wind and Water Erosion
    Hydromulching creates a protective cover and a reservoir of moisture for the sprayed seeds and binds the seeds to the soil, mitigating soil erosion effectively and ensuring plant growth.
  • Enriches Soil Profile
    The microbiological soil amendments added to the slurry mixture are organic ingredients. They provide optimal growth mediums for the seeds, giving way to the best revegetation results.
  • Quick Germination and Plant Growth
    Hydromulching provides a viable solution that allows the germination of sprayed seeds once the rain pours over the site. Also, because it is able to retain 1,000 times of its weight in water, nutrients are retained. The results – ensured germination, rapid growth, minimised soil erosion, and sustainable plant growth.
  • Stimulates Microbial Activity
    The application of the hydromulching solution releases the biostimulants within it that promote microbial activity in the soil. The result is an increase in soil tilth and the availability of nutrients for the ground. These biostimulants are the hormones, bacteria, microbes, and nutrients needed for new grass to germinate and develop healthy roots.


If you own or manage a vast expanse of property that you want to revegetate at a rapid speed, hydromulching may be a suitable solution for you. Our unique and tailored techniques will work in any terrain, whether it be flatlands, steep slopes, or areas that are part of a verge.

The most common types of terrain we do service across Melbourne are:

  • Factory Gardens
  • Roadside Rehabilitation
  • Steep Embankment
  • New Housing Estates

Service Areas

We are privileged to provide services to Melbourne, particularly these locations, in helping to assist in environmental rehabilitation projects.

  • Carlton
  • Carlton North
  • Docklands
  • East Melbourne
  • Flemington
  • Kensington
  • Melbourne CBD
  • North Melbourne
  • Port Melbourne
  • Parkville
  • Southbank
  • South Wharf
  • South Yarra
  • West Melbourne

Why Choose Us?

We can guarantee that our team of experts, combined with our large-scale hydromulching equipment, can provide sound solutions to soil restoration. We aid in public service efforts to rehabilitate our natural habitats and restore the health and safety of our local communities, reducing the dangers they face from soil erosion and landslides.

Our methods are based on the latest research about revegetation to ensure rapid soil rehabilitation all the time. Moreover, we make sure to consider every unique characteristic of all sites when planning out the roadmap that leads to the best outcome.

For this reason, we can assure you that we will continue to provide reliable results to soil erosion control, revegetation, and dust suppressions all across Australia, and Melbourne in particular.

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