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We provide sustainable solutions across the city of Darwin.

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We provide sustainable revegetation solutions across Darwin. Our hydromulching specialists follow a science-based method to aid you in rehabilitating vast tracks of damaged land.

Restoring Darwin for A Flourishing Future

Our ultimate vision is to witness a cleaner and greener Australia in the years to come — starting with Darwin.

Thus, we work closely with various sectors in the country in their initiatives of restoring healthier ecosystems and regrowing vast land areas.

Restoring Darwin
Darwin Hydromulching Applications


We provide superior hydromulching services in cooperation with the following sectors.

  • For the Mining Sector
    Our revegetation specialists help restore sites that have been heavily damaged by mining activities.

    We aid in developing a specific treatment plan to revive these sites by conducting a thorough analysis of the soil first.
  • For the Local Government
    We also work with the local government of Darwin to revegetate both public and private lands.

    Our research-based procedures help in minimising the threats of soil erosion to our local communities.
  • For the State Government
    We cooperate with the Australian government at large in providing sustainable solutions to the state’s conservation initiatives.

    Part of our mission is to help in striking a balance between technological progress and environmental preservation.
  • For the Defence Force
    We work with the defence force in their efforts on rehabilitating former military training grounds.

    Our revegetation experts also provide aid in maintaining the natural ecosystems within and around these military-owned estates.


Our hydromulching methods are classified into two types.

  • Hydraulic Growth Medium (HGM)

    The first type uses a Hydraulic Growth Medium (HGM) to provide a protective cover and moisture reservoir for the seeds. The procedure is similar to hydroseeding but with the added mulch to serve as the growth medium.

    This hydromulching method promotes faster plant growth while minimising erosion at the same time.

  • Bonded Fibre Matrix (BFM)

    The second type makes use of a Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM) to provide water retention up to 1000 times the matrix’s weight. It involves a two-step application process and is perfect for all types of terrain, including steep areas.

    A BFM mulch also provides more soil cover, thereby minimising the risk of erosion even as the plants are still growing.

Darwin Hydromulching Services
Hydromulching Darwin Suitability


Hydromulching is suitable for any piece of land where irrigation may be a problem. It’s also highly recommended for steep batters, slopes, and verges.

  • Factory Gardens
    Factory gardens can be transformed into thriving mini-ecosystems through hydromulching. The growth media will help retain nutrients to support the seeds in their germination and growth.
  • Roadside Rehabilitation
    Bare roadsides may be risky to travellers. By rehabilitating these sites through our hydromulching techniques, the risks of landslides and dust exposure can decrease significantly.
  • Steep Embankment
    Steep areas are more prone to erosion, landslides, and the spread of dust. With hydromulching, these areas will have better moisture retention and plant support.

    The plants’ root system can then be established more quickly, thereby preventing these risky calamities even earlier.
  • New Housing Estates
    Newly built housing estates are typically in need of revegetation. Hydromulching can help restore the balance between human constructions and nature by providing fast regrowing solutions in these areas.


Our research-based hydromulching procedures can give you the following benefits.

Reduced Wind and Water Erosion

Whether it’s by wind or by water, soil erosion can be prevented effectively through hydromulching. The mulch fibres provide dust control and water retention, thereby increasing the soil’s resistance to wind and runoffs.

Enriches Soil Profile

Hydromulching increases the soil’s nutrient retention. Thus, it enhances the soil’s capacity to support plant growth.

Quick Germination and Plant Growth

With the increased nutrient and water retention that hydromulching provides, the plant species can immediately thrive and flourish.

Stimulates Microbial Activity

Hydromulching encourages increased microbial activity using either of the two types of growth media, further supporting the plants’ growth.

Hydromulching Benefits

Service Areas

If you have a revegetation project in any of these areas, feel free to tap into our hydromulching services.

  • Chan Ward
  • Lyons Ward
  • Richardson Ward
  • Waters Ward
  • City of Palmerston
  • Shire of Litchfield
  • Wagait Shire Council

Why Choose Us?

We provide the quickest revegetation and hydromulching services on the market.

Our hydromulching procedures are handled by a team of specialists that investigate the soil and climate conditions in your area. We then provide a tailored solution according to your revegetation needs.

Our proven outputs have helped many landowners, public organizations, and private sectors revive heavily damaged lands.

If you need any help with your revegetation project, feel free to give us a call.

Quick Germination and Plant Growth
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