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We are a company that specialises in providing a robust and sound revegetation and erosion control solutions to the mining, resources, civil and infrastructure industries across Brisbane through powerful Hydromulching services.


Restoring Brisbane for a Greener Future

We are paving the way for solutions geared towards a sustainable environment in the Brisbane area. Our mission is to achieve such sustainability by implementing efficient remediation programs relating to hydromulching and revegetation, dust suppression, and the control of soil erosion. 

We continually seek to provide quality products and services to our customers, as well as ensure the health, safety, and welfare of our valuable workforce. Thus, we have committed to operating integrated protection, environmental, and quality management systems aligned with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and AS/NZS 4801 standards.


Hydromulching is an efficient and feasible option for vegetating vast expanses of land quickly and easily, whether they are flat, hard to access or significantly sloped.

We understand how valuable it is for socially responsible miners to initiate the rehabilitation of their mine upon its completion.

Over the years, many organisations from the mining sector have already tapped into our resources, taking full advantage of the services we provide for them in this respect.

Local miners may opt to commence a revegetation project on their own. However, poor implementation, lack of focus during management or lack of expertise in the field may yield unsatisfactory results.

For instance, they may skip essential steps in proper soil damage assessment brought about by their mining activities. As a result, some mining sites may still contain valuable resources within it that would be needlessly stripped away due to inaccurate evaluations.

Our team of experts will ensure that each revegetation project they handle will address all environmental circumstances peculiar to each mining site. We use methods that not only take all conditions (unique or otherwise) into consideration but are also based on the latest soil restoration research.


Our world-class products are safe, environmentally-friendly, and can be efficiently applied to a range of substrates, locations, and climates, ensuring your property experiences regrowth the first time around. 

We understand how every project and every site is unique. For this reason, we take a tailored approach to each, ensuring the best chance of success.

  • Hydraulic Growth Medium (HGM)
    The HGM approach is an enhanced process involving microbiological amendments. It involves spraying a slurry composed of water, seed, fertiliser, cellulosic mulch fibres, such as straw or wood fibre, tracking dye, and a binder made from a specially designed hydroseeder. The addition of mulch to the slurry acts as a Hydraulic Growth Medium that provides a protective cover and moisture reservoir for the seeds. HGMs are capable mediums that are suitable for any substrate in need of revegetation.

    It promotes soil health, optimises germination, helps with water infiltration, and allows the release of nutrients, resulting in long-term sustainable plant growth. The binders mixed into the slurry act expertly in holding the mulch fibres together. Thus, creating a protective crust that controls erosion in the short term while waiting for the seed to germinate, thrive, and grow.

    This surface cover suppresses dust while also inhibiting the wind from blowing away and displacing the seeds, as well as water runoff from eroding topsoil and carrying seeds away.
  • Bonded Fibre Matrix (BFM)
    Using the same materials for HGMs, the Bonded Fibre Matrix application can occur at a much higher rate. The added non-rewetting binder in the mixture creates a strong bond between the surface of the soil and the slurry.BFM is primarily considered a heavy-duty hydromulching growth medium which employs a high-performance matrix, combining water and nutrient retention with enhanced growing environment processes.

    The initial step involves spraying a mixture of seed and fertiliser in a water solution over the soil’s surface. This procedure ensures a seed to soil contact. The next step involves going over the seed with a slurry composed of a high-rate binder and organic mulch blended with water.

    Through the initial application of the hydroseeding solution followed by the implementation of the BFM, any surface type becomes suitable, as the growth medium provided by this process ensures superior bonding performance.

    BFMs follow and mould according to the contours of the surface, making it ideal for all types of terrain. Erosion control is maximised, providing functional longevity on steep batters, slopes, verges, and flat areas until vegetation establishes root reinforcement.


Hydromulching provides the following benefits:

  • Reduced Wind and Water Erosion
    While the additives in HGM give a protective cover and moisture reserves that allow for erosion control in the short and long term, using the BFM process ensures immediate and effective bonding of the soil, minimising erosion and ensuring plant growth at the same time.
  • Enriches Soil Profile
    The slurry mixture comprises organic ingredients and microbiological soil amendments that provide optimal conditions beneficial to the health of the soil, resulting in germination and sustainable growth.
  • Quick Germination and Plant Growth
    HGM is a sustainable solution that allows germination once the rain begins. Thus, no watering is required. The optimal conditions provided by the product ensures germination, faster growth, and minimises erosion.Moreover, because HGM offers 1,000 times the retention of its weight in water, nutrients are, in effect, retained as well, resulting in maximised plant growth.
  • Stimulates Microbial Activity
    During the application, the biostimulants present will work to encourage soil microbial activity. Thus, increasing soil tilth as well as the availability of nutrients. These biostimulants contain the bacteria, hormones, soil microbes, and nutrients needed by new grass plants to germinate and develop.


If you have a vast but barren property that you are looking to revegetate rapidly, hydromulching could be your best option. The unique techniques involved work effectively for all types of terrain. Therefore, implementing on flatlands, steep slopes, or areas that are a part of a verge will not be an issue.

Hydromulching, being a versatile application, is suitable for all types of terrain, the most common of which are:

  • Factory Gardens
  • Roadside Rehabilitation
  • Steep Embankments
  • New Housing Estates

Service Areas

We are glad to be of service to all areas across Brisbane, as we continue to aim for environmental rehabilitation. More specifically, we do provide our services to the following locations:

  • Brisbane City
  • Ipswich
  • Logan City
  • Moreton Bay
  • Redland City

Why Choose Us?

Our team of dedicated specialists, as well as our large-scale hydromulching equipment, can provide much needed and practical solutions to soil rehabilitation. Thereby aiding public service efforts to restore natural habitats to revitalised health and keep living communities safe from the dangers of soil erosion and landslides.

We employ the latest research-based revegetation approaches that ensure speedy soil rehabilitation all of the time. Furthermore, we guarantee that every unique condition in any given site is taken into consideration when mapping out the best possible method to achieve rehabilitation success. 

It is because of these reasons that we can secure unparalleled and trusted revegetation, erosion control and dust suppression solutions all across Australia – particularly Brisbane.

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